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How to choose among credit card offers

If you are wondering where to start while choosing a credit card, and what credit card is best for you, here's some basic information and tips for you to consider.

First of all, how to choose a card you have better chances to get approved for? To answer this you need to know what credit score you have and it will help you distinguish which credit card offers you can qualify for. Avoid making multiple applications, especially if you don't meet credit history requirements. Every time you apply, credit card issuers request your credit history info and this inquiry is also recorded and is shown in your next report. And even more so you do not want a denial on your credit record.

No matter what credit score you have - good, fair, bad history or no credit yet, the best way to maintain and improve your history is to apply for the offer right for your credit profile. Even if you have bad credit, apply for the offer designed for those with low scores. To find out more about how to build or rebuild credit, see our questions and answers and credit card help sections with useful information and tips for cardholders.

How to choose among credit card offers for your credit history? To answer this question you should estimate your needs. What is it you are looking for in your card? O% APR on purchases? Low interest rates and fees on balance transfers? Cash back, hotel or frequent flyer miles rewards programs? Or just a plain no annual fee offer is better for you?

How to know what credit terms and conditions are more important? What is better and more significant for you - no annual fee or low APR on purchases? Long intro 0% interest rate or rewards? Answer to this question is in knowing your habits. Do you usually pay off your balances every month or do you carry balance? If you do not pay in full every month, 0% or low rate is important. Do you charge a large amount on your credit card annually? Enough to benefit from cash back rewards? Do you travel frequently and are likely to accumulate enough frequent flyer miles to redeem them for airline tickets or hotel stays? If not, a no annual fee credit card offer is a better option for you. Do you need a card for emergencies? Then probably a high spending limit is what you need. In any case what credit limit would be good for you?

Shop around, compare offers, decide what credit card will benefit you the most. Read on for more information.

  • 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases for 21 months.

How to compare information in credit card reviews

Credit card reviews help you distinguish the most important information on a particular offer. And once you estimate your needs, you will know which credit cards to look at and what features in individual offers to compare.

Say you travel a lot, then you are interested in internationally accepted cards, preferably with frequent flyer miles or hotel rewards. If you pay off in full you will pay less attention to APRs than those who carry balance, but rather focus on no annual fee offers. But if you do carry balance, you review credit cards rates to get a better understanding of how much you will be charged. For emergencies you need a high spending limit, low fees and broad acceptance.

After you narrow down your search, you start to compare features of particular cards - APRs and finance charges, fees, penalties, rewards, acceptance and security. While searching what credit card has the lowest rate, note if different rates are applied for certain types of purchases and balances, and which one is more important for you? Introductory period with 0% interest rate or low APR on balance transfers and purchases might be a good way to save, but pay attention to how long this period is and what rate you are going to have after the teaser rate is over. If you need a fast response to your application, compare APRs, fees and terms of instant decision cards.

Make sure to read credit card reviews, compare terms and conditions. Make grounded decisions and choose what is right for you!

What credit card to choose - Visa or MasterCard?

What credit card is better - Visa or MasterCard? It is not a fundamental question to ask, it is more relevant to compare features of a particular card, than to compare these two networks.

Both Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted and recognized at over 150 countries, and majority of merchants take both. They provide competitive services and benefits like $0 fraud liability, 24-hour travel and emergency assistance, extended warranty on purchases, insurance, etc. If you are interested to find out more, read details about what Visa and MasterCard benefits are offered. But what really matters is the issuing bank and what rates, fees and other terms are set for the particular offer.

If you have good or excellent credit, you can also consider American Express and Discover cards.

Secured credit cards Basic Information

How to get a credit card if your score is not high enough to apply for a regular credit card? You can consider secured cards that can help you build credit. Majority of them provide regular credit reporting which can help you improve credit history faster. The difference between regular credit cards and secured ones is that in the latter case you are required to make a deposit that serves as collateral.

Unlike prepaid debit cards secured cards can help you build or rebuild credit if you regularly make on time payments to all your creditors and do not exceed your limit. If you prove you are trustworthy, you might be able to get approved for a regular credit card in 6-12 months.

6 In Accordance with Terms and Conditions.
Free Credit Score

Credit Card Help Center

Get more insight into finding the best deal and managing your credit. Relevant information on credit cards, on how to choose, how to get approval, how to apply online, how to build or improve credit, and more. Read tips, existing answers to FAQs, ask your own questions and get unbiased credit card advice.

Q: How to maintain good credit?

A: You should not only make timely payments regularly and stay below your credit limit, but also check your report regularly. Keep track of information on your report and in the event you find inaccurate or doubtful items, contact bureaus to dispute them.

Q: How to build credit?

A: On your way to learning how to establish credit, you can start with just one credit card or a small loan. Choose a lender that will provide regular reporting to one or preferably all three major credit bureaus. This can help you build credit if you make regular on time payments to your lenders and do not go over your limit.

Q: How long does it take to improve credit score?

A: Any negative information you have on your history lowers your credit score. A statute of limitations determines how long it can be kept on your history. A negative record should be removed from your credit report after seven or ten years. For the meantime more recent information is considered more relevant and helps you improve your credit.

Q: What are good ways to improve credit score?

A: One of the ways to improve credit score is to increase your spending limit since a large portion of your score is based on how much of extended credit you use. To help keep your debt-to-credit-limit ratio low, request a credit line increase after you use your credit card for six months or a year. Raise the credit limit, but keep your spending on the same level.

Q: What factors are considered when my credit card application is reviewed?

A: Application policies may vary depending on the issuing bank or credit card company. Yet most lenders use data from credit bureaus to make decision on whether to extend you credit and on what terms. Your employment and income are also reviewed by the bank.

Q: How to clean up errors in your report?

A: If you wish to request an investigation, you need to mark all errors in the report and mail it to the bureau. You will also need to enclose all supporting documents and explanations. We recommend you mail a copy to the creditor as well. Request a corrected copy to be sent to everyone who received inaccurate reports. This should be done after the mistake is fixed.

Q: In case I am denied. What am I entitled to receive from the issuer?

A: If you were turned down, issuing bank is to provide you with instructions on how to get a free copy of credit report and a written denial notice, and also inform you about the reasons for denial.

Q: How to apply for a credit card with bad credit?

A: Even if your score isn't that great, you have choices. You can choose from unsecured, secured and prepaid cards for bad credit. Apply only for offers that are meant for consumers with poor scores. Choose which credit card is better for you, apply and keep up good credit habits to improve your rating.

Q: How to get a credit card with no credit history?

A: If you are a college student with no credit yet, compare offers for students. Or view offers created for those who want to establish credit. Secured cards, prepaid debit cards or regular credit cards for no credit history chosen right for your needs will help you start building your history.

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