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NEWS about Credit Cards | >> News Archive

Best Credit Card Rewards 05:15:42 AM Thursday, November 06, 2008

Banks and card companies cut their lending risk factor by either lowering credit limits, increasing APRs on some credit cards or by not approving applications at all. The slumping economy and credit crisis force lenders to curtail 0% APR offers, benefits and even rewards programs. Some card offers have already imposed restrictions on when and how rewards can be redeemed.
The good news is that there are still plenty of deals offering lucrative cash back, gas and miles rewards and you only need to apply for the right card now. The difficulty here is the rewards vary from card to card and to make the best deal, you need to compare offers and choose one based on your spending priorities and financial standing. The key is to make the rewards work for you.

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Credit Card Payment 04:56:31 AM Thursday, October 16, 2008

Most of regular unsecured credit card offers for valuable customers carry in-built benefits which are free from additional charge. The benefits include $0 fraud liability, extended warranty protection, 24-hour roadside assistance, auto rental insurance, free online account access and management services and others. Their cost is already distributed among the annual fees, if any; interest rates and other charges specified in the fine print and you do not mark it out making credit card payments.
But on receiving a statement, you might be confused to spot there a charge you did not authorize in fact. The charge, labelled as payment protector premium, is designed to cover you in the event you cannot pay bills for some reason.

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Card Charges 06:14:29 AM Thursday, October 02, 2008

While a whole range of charges associated with credit card use is not a surprise any more, the way they are sometimes applied may confuse a not too knowledgeable consumer. What hurts most is the consequence which might come up to a damaged budget at best and ruined credit at worst. The fine print is a great source of information on all the charges and terms they are applied under, but one needs to be financially educated to understand a point there.
If you're looking for a proper card offer right now, or you're already holding a plastic, the following information will be of prime importance for you, especially as the recent changes in the market require new and more rational behavior.

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Airline Miles Cards Programs 06:27:48 AM Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is there an airline miles rewards card in your pocket? If yes, what do you expect of it? Some time ago frequent flyer programs and affiliated credit cards widely available online were a real windfall for banks and their customers but now their popularity and profitability seem likely to fall into oblivion. Travelers and business people will probably be affected most. Some have already seen a reduction in the value of miles rewards and greater seat restrictions. What then?
While the reason for the poorer frequent flyer programs stays vague for consumers, it is more than obvious to card companies partnering with airlines. The ever high gas prices, shrinking flights and workforce led to trillions of rewards miles devalued and thousands of customers frustrated.

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Credit Industry Regulations 04:47:12 AM Thursday, September 04, 2008

The proposed in 2007 better disclosure laws for credit card terms were not enough, as was indicated by consumers' comments. This has led to the new and broader regulations proposed by the Federal Reserve in May 2008 which are coming into force, cracking down on the lenders predatory policies of arbitrary interest rates and excessive fees. The American Bankers Association representatives, as well as all major US banks, are growing uneasy about the inevitable revenue drop they'll incur as a result of the stricter legislation. They warn the Fed and scary customers with unintended impact on lending prices, meaning that once they cannot overcharge high-risk customers, they will shift all the costs on customers who can and will pay. They say to apply for credit will become much more expensive and less available.

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Mileage Credit Cards Review 06:26:05 AM Thursday, August 21, 2008

Owners of frequent flyer credit cards are developing the habit of playing the ever changing game of the airlines. US major airlines, such as US Airways, Delta and Continental are altering their miles programs and the result may be frustrating for most travelers. Among the recently made changes are a greater number of redeemable miles required, fewer bonuses and new fees.
Whether suchlike alterations hurt consumers has not been revealed yet as the number of mileage cards currently in use holds steady. For over three years that number has been around 45 million, according to The Nilson Report. While it's curious to observe future developments, let's lay out the specifics of the established new requirements. It may influence your choices when you decide to apply for a card online.

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Credit Score Analysis 05:35:53 AM Thursday, August 07, 2008

Some US credit consumers have recently found themselves confused after purchasing their credit scores at one or all the major credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Their confusion gets a vivid expression through the following question sent to us by one of our readers: "Your website puts the credit score range as 350-850; however when I requested my credit scores through TransUnion and Experian, the range was 501-990, which makes someone with a 650 credit score a poor credit customer. Is the info on your website outdated and how often do you update?"
In this article, we'll try to give a comprehensive explanation to this issue so that credit card applicants get a clear picture of their chances when trying to get a new credit card or another loan.

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Credit or Debit Card Rewards 04:30:58 AM Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not all plastic cards are created equal, that's a fact. We can innumerate quite a few types offhand - debit cards, credit cards, secured and prepaid credit cards. All they have similar features and differences such as account types, fees, rates and other charges, additional services and benefits.
However, when it comes to rewards, credit and debit cards stand out for their great diversity of rewarding programs which make a person's paying experience most enjoyable and unique. It adds more flame into the competition between these two popular types of plastic cards and makes a consumer's choice more difficult. For this, we'll descend to particulars about debit and credit card rewards and guide a hesitating customer to his/her right decision.

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Credit for Space Lovers 05:08:50 AM Monday, June 23, 2008

Has it ever come to your mind that American Express stands out from other big credit issuing companies for its unique rewards programs and their reasonable cost? Gone are the days when its charge and credit card products such as Gold Card, Optima Platinum and Centurion Card were offered by invitation and only to a very affluent, elite customer segment.
Today, American Express continues offering luxurious credit lines but most of its products with rewards have become available to middle-income customers and businesses with most different lifestyles and likings. Such is their new credit card called Virgin Atlantic American Express Card which exclusive rewards are sure to captivate you and make you crave for it.

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Credit Cards' Predictions 04:31:58 AM Monday, June 02, 2008

Market is an unpredictable thing. It is always hard to say for sure how it is going to look like this year, but real professionals always know what tends to ignore and which ones to look for or to worry about! Some predictions on credit card market in 2008 were released not long ago. Some of them may sound a bit troubling for the credit card users.
Will Americans apply for more and more credit card offers this year and will it be really beneficial for them? What changes in credit cards' features should we expect?

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ARTICLES about Credit Cards | >> View all Articles

American Express Travel October 24, 2008

American Express Travel

American Express continues to please its loyal customers with exclusive card offers for frequent travel rewards. Its latest product, co-branded with Delta Airlines, comes with a catchy "Delta Reserve Credit Card" name and aims at wealthy and creditworthy customers looking for incomparable travel experience. It cannot be referred to as a cheapest deal among the rewards type, but the price for the outstanding benefits and additional programs is more than acceptable.

The $450 annual fee and a competitive APR on purchases and balance transfers are charged for the exclusive access to the 24-hour Concierge Service, SkyMiles account rewards program and extended credit line. If you think you can find something better online, take a minute to read further and ascertain that American Express has not been overtopped.

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Pre Approved Credit October 07, 2008

Pre Approved Card Offers

If you hold a valid FICO score with at least one national credit reporting agency, you are very likely to receive a pre approved bank card offer in the mail. But among the 3% of recipients completing and returning the application, only some 1.5% if not less actually get approved. Why is that and what are you required of to qualify for that enticing card offer sent by a major bank?

Most people think if they've been pre approved, there will be no hassle going through the formality of the application process. Now they don't have to spend hours searching and comparing products online to find the only right variant. Hardly anyone knows how the bank chooses a potential customer and what eligibility requirements it will use to finally approve or reject your application.

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Credit Cards at College September 26, 2008

Best Student Credit Card

Though a standard unsecured student credit card is available to high schoolers nowadays, it is at college that young people make their first financial decision independently from parents. The first responsibility comes with the need to choose the right plastic from a great spectrum of equally attractive offers.

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