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05:15:42 AM Thursday, November 06, 2008

Credit Cards with Rewards Are Still Available in Bulk

Banks and card companies cut their lending risk factor by either lowering credit limits, increasing APRs on some credit cards or by not approving applications at all. The slumping economy and credit crisis force lenders to curtail 0% APR offers, benefits and even rewards programs. Some card offers have already imposed restrictions on when and how rewards can be redeemed.

The good news is that there are still plenty of deals offering lucrative cash back, gas and miles rewards and you only need to apply for the right card now. The difficulty here is the rewards vary from card to card and to make the best deal, you need to compare offers and choose one based on your spending priorities and financial standing. The key is to make the rewards work for you.

Lets start with miles rewards, once a very popular perk on a plastic card. Since the merger of airlines and banks in the middle 80s miles have been harder and more expensive to use. Free flight rewards are still available, but you've got to be a real frequent flyer buying at least one two-way ticket a month with a certain airline. Some of the latest changes are not much of a benefit either. There are additional fees for seat upgrades and free flights, reducing the planned value of frequent flyer rewards.

Greater restrictions and reduced value made consumers consider alternatives. Here comes a cash back credit card, a truly paying reward if used wisely. Top companies online offering cash rebate incentives include American Express, Discover, Chase Bank and Capital One. With up to 6% of cash back on a wide range of goods and services, savvy customers use the payments for investment purposes or to pay for a mortgage loan. So far, cash back reward offers remain unchanged and bring the highest yield as long as you pay bills in full every month. Those who carry a balance often have the cash back benefit swallowed up by monthly interest payments. As the lending industry tends to raise regular interest rates for all applicants, it is better to avoid accumulating any at all.

Those looking to save on gas purchases may choose a good gas rewards offer online. Chase Bank gasoline cards bring the highest rebate on gas purchases - up to 5% - and smaller rebates for other everyday purchases. Typically, you may find a Chase card with cash rebates valid at one or a whole number of gas stations involved.

Points rewards are available at all major issuers and on different types of cards, offering flexible earning and redemption options. Business owners can find a good deal among Advanta Bank business offers which points are redeemable for travel, cash back and gift cards. The highest yield is received through business-related purchases.

Not a businessman? Too young to qualify for Advanta Bank offers? Look through student cards with points rewards available through Citibank. Best deals may bring up to 5 points for every dollar spent at bookstores, restaurants, movies and video rentals stores.

Apparently, credit card rewards are not running out yet. Take your time to shop around and make a most rewarding deal online.

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ARTICLES about Credit Cards | >> View all Articles

American Express Travel October 24, 2008

American Express Travel

American Express continues to please its loyal customers with exclusive card offers for frequent travel rewards. Its latest product, co-branded with Delta Airlines, comes with a catchy "Delta Reserve Credit Card" name and aims at wealthy and creditworthy customers looking for incomparable travel experience. It cannot be referred to as a cheapest deal among the rewards type, but the price for the outstanding benefits and additional programs is more than acceptable.

The $450 annual fee and a competitive APR on purchases and balance transfers are charged for the exclusive access to the 24-hour Concierge Service, SkyMiles account rewards program and extended credit line. If you think you can find something better online, take a minute to read further and ascertain that American Express has not been overtopped.

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Pre Approved Credit October 07, 2008

Pre Approved Card Offers

If you hold a valid FICO score with at least one national credit reporting agency, you are very likely to receive a pre approved bank card offer in the mail. But among the 3% of recipients completing and returning the application, only some 1.5% if not less actually get approved. Why is that and what are you required of to qualify for that enticing card offer sent by a major bank?

Most people think if they've been pre approved, there will be no hassle going through the formality of the application process. Now they don't have to spend hours searching and comparing products online to find the only right variant. Hardly anyone knows how the bank chooses a potential customer and what eligibility requirements it will use to finally approve or reject your application.

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Credit Cards at College September 26, 2008

Best Student Credit Card

Though a standard unsecured student credit card is available to high schoolers nowadays, it is at college that young people make their first financial decision independently from parents. The first responsibility comes with the need to choose the right plastic from a great spectrum of equally attractive offers.

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