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Credit card offers for balance transfers

Searching for a credit card, you are interested in its specific options and features: cash advance, balance transfer, low APR, no annual fee, or large grace period. At this page we collected the best credit cards with balance transfer. It is an excellent credit card option that allows transferring the balance from a high rate card onto another with lower rate. So, if you take an interest in this particular option, welcome!

Best Credit Cards from
  • 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases for 21 months.
  • No annual fee. No Balance Transfer Fee.
  • Great Rewards Programs.
Visa® Platinum
  • Excellent Credit Required - Applicants that do not have excellent credit will not be approved.
  • Low 8.00% variable standard purchase APR and platinum benefits.
  • No Annual Fee.
Visa® Platinum Rewards
  • Excellent Credit Required - Applicants that do not have excellent credit will not be approved.
  • Low 10.00% variable standard purchase APR and platinum benefits.
  • No Annual Fee.
Best Credit Cards from [RQ]

The first reason to apply for balance transfer card is the opportunity to reduce credit debt. Many people are afraid to get new card considering it as an additional source of debt, but this card can save you money and help to solve debt problem if it has the balance transfer option and is used wisely.

Every cardholder wishes to get an APR as low as possible because no one wants to be charged a higher interest. So the APR of the card needs to be less than it is of the current one. Thus, you can save money in interest when repaying the debt.

Trying to allure more customers, most credit card companies offer to transfer a balance from the old card for free. As soon as the money is transferred to the new credit company, you will be charged far less on the shifted balance. You will have an introductory period that allows you to pay even 0% APR for up to 6-12 months after the fact of balance transfer. Make sure that this percentage rate will not shoot upwards at the end of intro period. Or, you risk getting a plastic with out of control rates.

The advantage of this shifting is that you may pay the balance on your plastic without interest charges and reduce your debt. Some cards allow you also to transfer the balance fee free. It means that you won't be charged any fee for balance transfer between cards. If it is not 0%, a fee usually varies from 1% to 5% of the amount of balance.

When you apply for a new credit card, the process of getting it and transferring the balance can take about 4 weeks, therefore waiting for a new plastic you need to continue paying the minimum on your old card.

The process of reducing credit debt requires not only time but also diligence. So, if you are a diligent person interested in transferring the balance and debt reduction, don't forget to read the fine print, while searching for a card, where some charges can be hidden. Or, turn to representatives of the company in order to clear out all the possible charges. In any way before going forward, weigh all the costs of balance transfer to learn for sure how much you need to pay for the transaction.

Applying for a balance transfer credit card, it is necessary for you to be approved for such credit limit that will cover your entire debt and allow you to have one account instead of two. Keep in mind if a new credit line allows you to transfer only some portion of debt, be sure you will not solve your problem.

Most probably you think that a SSN is enough for getting a balance transfer card, but it is not. In most cases you are to have good or excellent credit score. Turn to the major credit bureaus and find out your score. As soon as you check it, you can start the search with confidence in your eligibility and be approved.

So, if your credit score is good enough and you are an American resident, we offer you to look through the best credit offers with balance transfer collected at our site. Besides the balance transfer option, pay your attention to no annual fee, rewards, lowest APR, and other benefits. Compare all the features very careful in order to choose the best offer. Impatient to wait for approval? Apply for instant approval credit card also available for balance transfer and get the bank's quick response (not a plastic itself) at once.

This is only up to you to decide which credit card will help you to reduce the debt. If you have already made the choice and value your time, at our site you have the alluring chance to submit your application online. Transfer the balance and use your card wisely in order to avoid a huge debt problem. You can also look through the best balance transfer credit cards at the site of our partners.

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