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05:27:30 AM Friday, November 23, 2007

Credit Card Offer for Ladies

All the ladies like to look beautiful. Most of us get up an hour earlier to put on make up, all of us like soft shampoos, soaps and lotions. I have good news for all of us: Visa created a credit card offer especially for women! It is called Avon Visa Platinum.

Using this credit card, you will be able to get the rewards that will help you look magnificent! This credit card offer will help us to look beautiful and to spend less at the same time!

If you like Avon cosmetics and use it often or if you are Avon representative, you can enjoy the benefits of Avon Visa Platinum issued by Bank One.

This credit card deal features a unique rewards program. If you purchase goods and services with Avon Visa credit card, you can get nice rewards. You will earn 1 Avon Reward point with every dollar you spend on Avon Visa credit card. Once you have collected 2500 points, you will get $25 certificate together with your credit card bill. You can redeem "Avon Beauty Rewards" certificate for your favorite Avon products.

If you are Avon representative, you will be able to benefit from the card too. Once your customer makes the first purchase with Avon Visa credit card, you will get $25 certificate.

You will also get a nice present from Avon and Visa after the first purchase made with a card. You will get one of Avon's most popular skin care product - "Anew RetroActive".

Another advantage of this credit card offer is 0% APR for both purchases and balance transfers for up to six months. The regular APR is not very high too, it is about 14%.

Another nice feature of this credit card offer is that Avon Visa Platinum has no annual fee.

This credit card has a disadvantage - it uses the method of two-cycle average daily to calculate monthly balances. The interest is charged only on the account over the current cycle. As we understand the interest charged on actual money borrowed over the time can greatly vary from month-to-month.

But as we all know ladies really like to spend money. Sometimes when we hear about gift certificates, we really want to buy everything - doesn't matter if we need it or not - just to get it! Of course, Avon Visa Platinum Credit card is a card made especially for women, but it is still a credit card. And if you use it in a wrong way, it will lead to trouble. You can end up with bad credit history and even bankruptcy!

It takes a lot of time to repair your credit history and you will definitely have to forget about being approved for the best credit card offers!

So the best thing to do while paying with your credit cards for goods and services - is to remember about the fact that credit cards can affect your life and not only positively.

If you are a responsible credit card user and a woman who would like to look beautiful any time - Avon Visa Platinum credit card offer is the right choice for you!

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Melanie 03:30 AM, November 27, 2007

This is great! I like avon cosmetics. I'm going to apply for this card

cherreka 09:48 PM, April 21, 2009

i will like avon vista card.

denise 04:02 PM, June 18, 2009


denise 04:03 PM, June 18, 2009


Janel McCarter 12:49 PM, July 05, 2009

any questions, see me

Tina Greer 05:50 PM, July 07, 2009

i,m find it ok

Pamela Hunt 10:38 PM, October 01, 2010

I too have applied for the Platinum Visa for Avon.
I thought Id have it by now it said seven days,be patient it will get there!
I would love to talk to people who love me please...

Esther Tullie 04:09 PM, May 21, 2011

I would like to apply for Avon Credit Card.

Robin Kinsey 05:34 PM, July 23, 2011

I sell Avon Products, if anybody is interested in any products or would like to sell Avon, please contact me.

Robin Kinsey 05:35 PM, July 23, 2011

I sell Avon Products, if anybody is interested in any products or would like to sell Avon, please contact me.

Jen W 01:28 PM, April 18, 2012

I am an Avon Rep... How do you apply for the card?? If anyone is intrested in getting products you can contact me at and I will get you intouch with my website!! Hope all is well

robyn middaugh 08:42 PM, January 07, 2014

I would like a credit card to pay my bill with it

Teri 01:21 AM, September 08, 2014

I can help

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American Express Travel

American Express continues to please its loyal customers with exclusive card offers for frequent travel rewards. Its latest product, co-branded with Delta Airlines, comes with a catchy "Delta Reserve Credit Card" name and aims at wealthy and creditworthy customers looking for incomparable travel experience. It cannot be referred to as a cheapest deal among the rewards type, but the price for the outstanding benefits and additional programs is more than acceptable.

The $450 annual fee and a competitive APR on purchases and balance transfers are charged for the exclusive access to the 24-hour Concierge Service, SkyMiles account rewards program and extended credit line. If you think you can find something better online, take a minute to read further and ascertain that American Express has not been overtopped.

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Most people think if they've been pre approved, there will be no hassle going through the formality of the application process. Now they don't have to spend hours searching and comparing products online to find the only right variant. Hardly anyone knows how the bank chooses a potential customer and what eligibility requirements it will use to finally approve or reject your application.

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Though a standard unsecured student credit card is available to high schoolers nowadays, it is at college that young people make their first financial decision independently from parents. The first responsibility comes with the need to choose the right plastic from a great spectrum of equally attractive offers.

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