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Best Credit Card Rewards 05:15:42 AM Thursday, November 06, 2008

Banks and card companies cut their lending risk factor by either lowering credit limits, increasing APRs on some credit cards or by not approving applications at all. The slumping economy and credit crisis force lenders to curtail 0% APR offers, benefits and even rewards programs. Some card offers have already imposed restrictions on when and how rewards can be redeemed.
The good news is that there are still plenty of deals offering lucrative cash back, gas and miles rewards and you only need to apply for the right card now. The difficulty here is the rewards vary from card to card and to make the best deal, you need to compare offers and choose one based on your spending priorities and financial standing. The key is to make the rewards work for you.

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Credit Card Payment 04:56:31 AM Thursday, October 16, 2008

Most of regular unsecured credit card offers for valuable customers carry in-built benefits which are free from additional charge. The benefits include $0 fraud liability, extended warranty protection, 24-hour roadside assistance, auto rental insurance, free online account access and management services and others. Their cost is already distributed among the annual fees, if any; interest rates and other charges specified in the fine print and you do not mark it out making credit card payments.
But on receiving a statement, you might be confused to spot there a charge you did not authorize in fact. The charge, labelled as payment protector premium, is designed to cover you in the event you cannot pay bills for some reason.

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Card Charges 06:14:29 AM Thursday, October 02, 2008

While a whole range of charges associated with credit card use is not a surprise any more, the way they are sometimes applied may confuse a not too knowledgeable consumer. What hurts most is the consequence which might come up to a damaged budget at best and ruined credit at worst. The fine print is a great source of information on all the charges and terms they are applied under, but one needs to be financially educated to understand a point there.
If you're looking for a proper card offer right now, or you're already holding a plastic, the following information will be of prime importance for you, especially as the recent changes in the market require new and more rational behavior.

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